Wingatui Signal Box

Built 1914



A standard Railways signal box, it is a two-storey structure with a corrugated-iron pitched roof and rusticated weatherboards. The bottom floor was used for interlocking equipment, with the lever frame on the top floor. The interior is match-lined, and still houses the original signalling equipment.



The first Wingatui station was built for the extension of the Port Chalmers-Abbotsford line to the Clutha River in 1875.   With Dunedin’s growth and a steady increase in both long-distance and suburban traffic, duplication of the line south was mooted in 1908, including resiting the station. Local residents objected to having to walk further, but Railways pressed on and the new buildings and the duplication to Mosgiel were completed in 1914.  The signal box was required for the junction with the Otago Central Railway at the west end of the station,  and for main line points and signals. From 1967 Wingatui was an attended flag station staffed for signalling purposes, and in 1986 the signal box closed when the station closed except for operating purposes. It is has been resored by RHTNZ, along with the station building.


Architectural Significance

Wingatui ranks as the second-finest remaining island-platform station, after Remuera (see page XX), retaining the rare grouping of station and signal box. There are few signal boxes on their original site: Wingatui is in near-original condition, complete with levers and signalling equipment.

Historical Significance

Wingatui was an important place in the Otago railway network. In its early days it served a nearby brickworks; it was the junction for the Otago Central Railway: and special sidings serviced nearby Wingatui Racecourse. In its heyday the signal box was heavily used, and it stands today as a reminder of a once-busy station and junction.

Townscape / Landscape Value

The station complex has a relatively small impact on the landscape. The freight yard and sidings have been removed.


Wingatui Station

Crossan Terrace/Gladstone Rd, Wingatui
Land Owner
The Crown
Building Owner
Territorial Authority
Type   Signal box
Line   MSL
RHTNZ   Category B
NZHPT   Category II
NZHPT   Number 2359
District Plan   Yes
Conservation Plan   Yes
Heritage Convenant   No
Designer   Railways Architectural Branch
Integrity   Good
Condition   Good
Landscape / Townscape Setting   On the platform of the only surviving Dunedin suburban station, and next to Wingatui Racecourse.