Otikerama Station (relocated)

Built 1877



Otikerama Station is a simple shelter shed and an example of a class 7 station. It has a rectangular plan, timber framing and a skillion roof. It is clad with shiplap weatherboards. Off-centre on the platform elevation is a doorway. The building appears to have no road access on its current site.



The section of the Main South Line from Waipahi to Gore opened on 1 June 1877. The Otikerama "station block plan" was sent for approval on 3 December of that year. In 1927 a small stockyard was built nearby, and £50 was contributed towards the cost of the yard by local farmers Edwards and Milne, Railways provided the remaining £140. The station was just 3.6 km west of Pukerau and 5.6 km east of McNab. With the close proximity of its neighbours and increasing use of roads, Otikerama closed to all traffic on 12 August 1963.


Architectural Significance

Otikerama is a very modest shelter shed. It is a rare surviving example of a class 7 station building and is of great significance as a representative example. Class 7 stations were the must numerous of all station types and at one time numbered several hundred.

Historical Significance

The historical significance of Otikerama is not very great, but like other small rural stations its local value should not be underestimated. With increasing road traffic it became redundant and has remained unused for 30 years.

Townscape / Landscape Value

Otikerama has a minor impact on its rural setting.
Mandeville, Southland
Land Owner
Building Owner
Territorial Authority
Type   Class 7 shelter shed
RHTNZ   Category B
District Plan   No
Conservation Plan   No
Heritage Convenant   No
Designer   Unknown
Integrity   Fair
Condition   Fair
Landscape / Townscape Setting   On flat land between low-lying hills