Ormondville Station

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Ormondville started as a Class 5 station, much like Wedderburn, and was gradually enlarged - the changes mean that it occupies its own category, Modified Class 5. It has rusticated weatherboards, and a corrugated-iron roof on the main structure and verandah. Principal additions to the original timber lean-to building are the former Post Office at the east end, and, most obviously, the verandah, which runs a little further east than the length of the building. The open lobby has been filled in and a fireplace added on the outer wall of the former ladies' waiting room. The windows are largely multi-pane sashes. The pitch of the roof of the original building has been maintained in the addition to the rear. The verandah is an almost self-supporting structure, and its ornamental wrought iron loops are the building’s most obviously decorative elements. The interior, consisting of ladies’ waiting room and toilet, main lobby, main office, (former) postal lobby and Post Office, is largely original.


The first Ormondville station building, a shelter shed, was opened in 1880, the same year the line from Napier opened. In its first three years Ormondville was a flag station and thereafter fully staffed. It is likely that the building was first extended at that point. It is thought that 1883 was also the year the goods shed was built and the Post Office established in the building - the latter relocated to the town in 1912. In 1901 a major reorganisation of the station saw the building moved to the town side of the track. At the same time a verandah was added and the last major additions were made to the building. In 1913 and again in 1927 the platform was extended and two years later electricity was installed. Ormondville remained unchanged for over 60 years, but in the early 1980s the yard lost some of its track. The first attempt to save the station building was in 1986 and the Ormondville Rail Preservation Group leased the goods shed in 1987, the station in 1993.

Architectural Significance

Ormondville is the finest example of a modified Vogel class 5 station building, and the only surviving class 5 station left on the operating system. The station showpiece is the verandah, a fine example, which gives the building its considerable character. The building derives additional significance from its role in the Ormondville precinct, which includes the goods shed and sidings.

Historical Significance

Ormondville was not a major station, but it occupied a vital role in the surrounding district and as such represents the importance of the local railway station. From its advent the efficient rail link provided local farmers with access to their markets. Farm-related freight remained the main traffic to and from Ormondville along with local district passenger traffic, never large.

Town / Landscape Value

With its pivotal location, Ormondville station makes an important contribution to this small rural town.



Matamau Ormondville Rd, Ormondville 4977

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Ormondville Rail Preservation Group Inc

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The Crown

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Modified Vogel class 5




Category A


Number 1022

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Very good



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only building on one side of the main street